Afropolitan Chef – Delicious African meals with Global influences (plus Q&A with the Afropolitan Chef)

Since the first time I met Yetunde some years ago, I knew she was destined for greatness. Her drive and hardworking nature is apparent, but what captivated me the most about her is her genuine personality. Yetunde is a breath of fresh air. I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile.

Yetunde Taiwo

Over the years, I have enjoyed her sharing her love for food over social media, and followed along, eagerly anticipating her next posting. She makes food look good! And I mean, really good. Her creativity with her dishes is amazing! She brings ingredients together that most people wouldn’t think of and presents it in such a way, you want to reach into the screen and take a bite.

I am extremely proud and happy she has decided to take her passion for food and cooking to the next level by building her culinary lifestyle brand, Afropolitan Chef.


About Afropolitan Chef
Afropolitan Chef is the Culinary Lifestyle Brand for busy passionate professionals who crave budget friendly, flavorful eating with a flair. Created by Fashion and Entertainment Entrepreneur, Yetunde Taiwo, Owner of ICY Public Relations.

Yetunde Afropolitan Chef


About Yetunde Taiwo
Yetunde Taiwo was born in Chicago, but raised in the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria. Her influence is West African, but her perspective is global.  She is a Fashion and Entertainment Entrepreneur with a passion for Food, Life and Love.

Who says healthy can't be tasty? Delicious fish dish, made by the Afropolitan Chef
Who says healthy can’t be tasty? Delicious fish dish, made by the Afropolitan Chef
Dodo and rice, one of my favorite dishes, made by the Afropolitan Chef
Dodo and rice, one of my favorite dishes, made by the Afropolitan Chef
Beef dish, made by the Afropolitan Chef
Beef dish, made by the Afropolitan Chef


Q&A with Yetunde Taiwo, the Afropolitan Chef

TravelSeeLove: Yetunde, congrats on launching your new culinary empire, Afropolitan Chef! How does it feel to be able to bring your dreams to fruition?
Yetunde: Thank you. I think it sank in on May 3rd when the website went live. After 4 years of God’s grace and good ol hard work. I had a moment of reflection on the sacrifices I have made over the years for this to launch. Not just the site, the whole brand. I had a nice good cry and laughed as I was crying. It was such a thrill to see it all coming together.

TravelSeeLove: Very Happy for you! Tell us some more about what inspired you to create Afropolitan Chef
Yetunde: Frankly, I just wanted to share how I eat with others. I like to explore and so putting combinations together or discovering new items to add to my Afropolitan experience was something I wanted to share. I figured if I like food from many places, I am sure there are many other men and women like me, who eat like I do. It’s not just about Nigerian food. It’s about French food cooked the way we cook Nigerian food, or Italian food e.t.c it’s a Fusion. Which is what the modern African is all about. WORLD perspective. The possibilities are limitless and THAT, I find very exciting.

TravelSeeLove: What is your vision for Afropolitan Chef?
Yetunde: To create a culinary lifestyle brand that will have international influence. So it’s not just about the food. It’s the experience, the lifestyle. My vision is to grow and be a lifestyle brand from the perspective of an African. Products, innovative inventions in food etc.

Yetunde in Kitchen

TravelSeeLove: I am going to name an ingredient, a random one, tell me what you could make of it! Want to play?
Yetunde: Sure!

TravelSeeLove: Turnips…
Yetunde: Ouuu. Okay. I would probably slice it up sauté it with shrimps and other peppers and serve it with quinoa. With a glass of white wine. Hmmm. Now I’m kind of thinking I will be making this sooner than later.

TravelSeeLove: You are definitely a global citizen… where have you been to lately?
Yetunde: I wish I could travel more. My last trip was to Thailand in January. I had a blast and the Food. My good THE FOOD is sinfully delicious and SPICY. I came back with an Afropolitan version of the Papaya Salad. I can’t wait to make my version and share it.

Yetunde in Thailand
Yetunde in Thailand

TravelSeeLove: Name 3 cities/countries on your travel wish list, and why you picked those?
Yetunde: Yes, on my wish list I have Tibet, Morocco and Belize. Tibet is first because I feel spiritually drawn to it. I feel it will be a growth moment for me, but so fun too. Morocco because it’s like that sexy African vibe and I have heard and read way too many stories on their spices not to go check it out. And Belize, just because, that name honestly just pops to my head so often, I’m like “ fine, ok, ok BELIZE, I’ll come see you jeez” lol.

Belize beach. Yetunde, perhaps you and I can travel there together - it's on my list too! :)
Belize beach. Yetunde, perhaps you and I can travel there together – it’s on my list too! :)

TravelSeeLove: What has been your favorite adventure so far?
Yetunde: So far was my visit to Tiger Temple in Thailand. I touched a tiger and lived to tell the tale. Now I feel like a Rock Star. “ Like I touched a tiger, you can’t tell me anything” lol

Yetunde and Tiger
In case you were wondering, that Tiger is alive and well
Yetunde Monk Tiger
Look at those teeth!

TravelSeeLove: If you could pick one place in the world to celebrate a really big and important occasion and be guaranteed that all your friends and loved ones would be present, where would it be?
Yetunde: Wow that is a toughie. There are so many amazing places. I would pick Miami, Florida. This city has a way of making you feel happy. And I like being happy. I think it’s the sun. I am yet to hear of anyone I know who came to Miami and did not have a good time. MIAMI.

TravelSeeLove: What is your travel style? Active? Laid back? Adventurous? Or it depends?
Yetunde: Hahah this one is funny because my style has evolved overtime. I am half and half. I used to be the complainer chic, because I hated walking. Lol YES, I was that girl to call a cab and you’ll meet me there, Lol or refuse to get out of the tour bus because it was too cold outside. YAH! But now. I am adventurous. I wear my flats, get lost on the bus drives, get lost walking around the streets meet people and get new friends for the group and being anxious while experiencing all of this, but still feeling free and having present moments and good times.

TravelSeeLove: Yetunde, it has been such a pleasure to sit with you on this interview! Thank you for your time and for sharing your love and passion for food and global travel with us! You rock! 😀
Yetunde: No, YOU RAWK lol!


Watch the Afropolitan Chef pilot episode here in which Yetunde teaches us in such an easy breezy effortless manner (while looking absolutely fabulous), how to make a delicious 3-course meal – Fish Cakes for appetizers, Jollof Rice with baked chicken for the entree and Ice cream with plantain chips for the dessert. Yum! Yetunde, I’m coming over to eat! :)

I also LOVE the lessons embedded throughout the cooking session. What a wonderful way to learn how to make some delicious meals while also learning about the global influences and African/Nigerian history at the same time.

Have you caught the Afropolitan Chef fever? If not, what are you waiting for? 😀 You’re missing out…

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